Backpackers Prison Cell


If you don’t move around too much in your bunk, if you don’t mind noisy dogs, if you don’t mind sacrificing a few comforts then I could not recommend Livingstone Backpackers any higher. We were in a mixed dorm and shared bathroom but never once had a problem nor any roomies, maybe next time! Functional rooms and the outdoor kitchen area, pool and recreation area complimented with a few quiet zones. But those mosquitoes are an itchy pain.


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  1. i feel like m stalking you guys..but m just curious of where you sleep and travel more esp that I see that you are on a tight budget.So you are sort of helping me figure out my own december holiday.Every december I go see new places.with or without thnx for the updates


    • Yeah we have a daily budget we trying to keep to, there is a neat app called Tripcoin we are using that helps as its multi currency and we r using vs $ budget. I will add it to the blog.

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