Brave, strong, independent, Asian girl!

Traveling on her own through parts of Africa, we met Sarah Gim, a South Korean traveller, on her last leg of her African journey. What an amazing ball of fire she is. Not only brave and independent, but an adrenaline junkie! She was so nervous to do the bunjee off the bridge, we decided to go with her for moral support. That swan dive was only rivalled by my own off the Bloukrans bridge. Just saying!


1,2,3, Mec-ju!!!

What does a brave Korean girl get after her spectacular jump? Mec–ju, of course! Mec-ju is South Korean word for beer. Sarah is more inclined to so-mec, which is a mixture of mec-ju and so-ju, which is whisky!


Mec-ju with friends…Shin, Sarah, Sharki3 and Fin

We will definitely have some so-mec when we get to South Korea to visit Sarah.

Yes, we are coming Sarah!

Prepare that bed for us on the floor!!!

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