Then there was Gaborone…

It was a long and tiring bus ride to Gaborone. Black Dawg was quiet, Fin sleeping and me? I was wondering when my underpants were going to stop creeping up my bum. Yeah, there’s not much to do on a bus to Gaborone, but stare into the vast landscape contemplating your panty situation.

Fin was nearly left at the border because he didn’t have his residency permit on him. Lucky me, had to go scrounge through the bus luggage hold to find our bags for the permit. Oi, there had to be some drama! But we did manage to cross without further disruptions.

The Gaborone hotel doesn’t have a lot going for them, but they are close to the bus and taxi rank and within walking distance of the CBD. We picked this hotel, because it is close enough to everything especially the bus rank. This is also its worst feature as its noisy, but we can suck it up for a few nights. This is where we’ll have to wait in line with hundreds of other locals to catch a bus to Francistown. It’s gonna be very interesting!

 Gaborone is very ordinary. I could’ve been in any unknown town in South Africa. People are friendly and most speak English, but we did get a lot of stares. No surprises there, we are the foreigners here. The city has very little in tourism; the museum is tired, to say the least and the 3 Chiefs statue is still eluding us after 2 hours of exploring. But people come to Botswana for the game and there’s none in Gaborone, for that you have to leave the city. Maun and Kasane are the towns to visit and we’ll aim for Kasane en route to Livingstone.

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  1. I had a lekker chuckle at the “museum that is tired”… And your underpants…really you thought of that?


  2. You should have gone to mmokolodi.just less than 30 minutes from the city. There are some game there..but of coz all the animals are in maun and kasane. .hope u have fun in your trip.


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