It’s a joggers paradise, but only downhill

There is a fort on either side of the harbour of Marseille and a stunning basilica sitting high at the top of a hill, some 800 metres overlooking this beautiful French city.

Our brief, but explosive trip around the city needed a well thought out packed lunch consisting of; a bottle of cider, a bread roll and some crisps and as we headed upwards and upwards and upwards through the streets, we thought it respectful or was it pure tiredness or wisdom to stop, out of sight of the Madonna on the basilica to have our cool refreshment, with the mazey city streets and harbour view far below. Well, I do know that every traveller who staggered by us, smiled, nodded and perhaps were a little envious of our cunning refreshment.

Walking from La Panier district with the fabulous graffiti walls and cathedrals around the embankment of this modernizing city, one has to be careful as the trams fly passed without a breath of noise. The views around Marseille are quite stunning and with the many runners taking advantage of the flat harbourside lying close to a beautiful parkland, the hills are attacked with some venom, not by me this time.

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