Mississippi Burning in the sun at Lafayette Cemeteries


Go visit a cemetery when you are travelling, it doesn’t sound like a remarkably exciting thing todo, but each time we have visited the place of the dead when we have been overseas, we are blessed with some learning about the local culture and its inhabitants and hey, it’s usually free. Do not think that this is some morbid fantasy, it’s all about the history, the questions we have, it just reveals so much about a place.


Here in New Orleans, there are several cemeteries, dating back to confederacy days with families buried beside their ancestors. The unique thing about these cemeteries is everyone is buried above the ground in crypts, or chambers or raised graves.


These vast places, were designed to withstand the flooding that NOLA suffers from, being 0.5m below sea level, it’s a significant risk to have corpses floating down Canal Street, well done to the town planners, you saved the inhabitants from many watery graves and the dwellers from some fiendish nightmare, much greater than a night out on Bourbon Street.



Seeing the graves and the writings on the gravestones for many Confederate Army soldier in Lafayette Cemetery brought the American Civil War stories closer to life.

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  1. The cemeteries are my favorite part of New Orleans!


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