Speaking in the presence of the Incas


Ayahuasca, Stereotypes, Homosexuality, Abortion, Racism and Religion these were just some of the topics we discussed in the conversation classes in the evenings, with the amazing group of English learners at Espaanglisch, hot topics in a mainly Christian and relatively conservative and developing country.


But these possible descendants of the great Inca Empire did throw their best English speaking mouths forward with some great debates, and together with huge learnings for ourselves, mostly about Peruvian views on the world in general.


By the way, for anyone who does not know, Ayahuasca, is a hallucinogenic drug with a powerful impact and no we did not try it out…😏


Jonathon, Carol, Vladimir, Kenny, David, Vero, Eva some of the Espaanglisch volunteer teachers, along with Sharki3

In Myra, Jairo, Manuel, Jason, Suille, Juan and others we definitely had a great group of forward thinking Peruvians looking to improve their English levels and some great laughs along their journey.

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