Dirty Wars and somewhere out there is the truth


Let me put this into perspective, growing up in England during 1980s and loving football, I had a specific view of Argentina, from the ill-fated invasion of The Falkland Islands to Maradona’s ‘hand of God’ moment that knocked England out of the 1986 Football World Cup, suffice to say, we were not that fond of Argentinians.


casa rosada, Eva Peron is in the window

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo or The Mothers of the Disappeared, as they are known, have been meeting and protesting since 1977 outside the ‘Pink Building’, Casa Rosada, asking the government where their children have been taken. Some 30,000 people were ‘disappeared’ during the ‘Dirty War’ 1976-83 when the military dictatorship prevented any opposition to their power, through the use of torture and these ‘disappear’ tactics for any protestors or simply innocent people caught up in asking questions about stuff to do with society.


the white neckerchief symbol of ‘the mothers’

Under the very noses of international visitors, the Navy training building, ESMA, was used to torture people, drug them and then drop their weighted-down bodies into the Rio Plata, never to be seen again. It wasn’t until 1978 Football World Cup in Argentina, that the world press became aware of the plight of these women.It wasn’t until 1978 Football World Cup in Argentina that the world press became aware of the plight of these women and the pressure began to steadily grow


The ill-fated, last ditch attempt by the junta, led by General Galtieri to invade and take over the Falkland Islands from UK, was in the search for support from the Argentinian people, but which then also created more injustices for young men, who were sent ill-prepared into battle at the behest of the junta, supported by the USA or at least by the CIA.


falkland war veteran symbols

The British hit back to defend their people, the junta was expelled and a succession of reforms and answers over the ‘Dirty War’ started to be answered. Unfortunately, for 30,000 people, many of whom were pregnant mothers, whose babies were given to military families and who don’t know they have been ‘adopted’, even now, but for a few who discover through DNA testing who they really are, while many will never know or even suspect, they are in fact a ‘disappeared’ child.


police ready for action or just traffic cops?


There are so many amazing stories that we have heard and read about and understanding one side of the story from the other side I had grown up with, helps me to somewhere maybe get closer to understanding the elusive truth. It is somewhere out there….


Mundi Bolivar, San Telmo barrio with Melissa


bridge over from Puerto Madero


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