Alive after one year trekking around the world


that’s life

We left our home in Cape Town some 366 days ago and are still trekking.

Maybe some of you thought we would be back after a few months, maybe some of you thought sharki3 would have killed fin by now, maybe we would have spent all our money….well, truth is…..we are still going after 12 months, fin is alive and well and we still have some money left, although the currency exchange rate has severely dented our funds, no thanks to Mr Jacob Zuma our esteemed President and his fiscal policies.

So here is the quick 10 4 on the last 12 months in no particular order;

South Africa to Botswana to Zambia to Tanzania to Zanzibar to Kenya to Uganda to India to China to South Korea to Japan to China to Hong Kong to China to Vietnam to Thailand to Cambodia to Thailand to Malaysia to Singapore to Indonesia to Australia to New Zealand to Chile to Argentina to Uruguay to Brazil…..

We have travelled on buses, trains, taxis, cars, planes, ferries, tuk-tuks, boats, bikes and motorbikes.

Slept in more than 80 different beds.

Made more than 118 new friends.

Volunteered at 10 organisations, teaching business and English and more…..

Lost count of the Buddhist temples we visited.

Spoken to locals in their mother tongue whether it be Tonga, Swahili, Hindi, Tamil, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Khmer, Indonesian, Australian English (hard), New Zealand English (even harder), Spanish, Portuguese and fluent in English and sharki3 is also fluent in Afrikaans.

Taken more than 17,000 photos.

Eaten some wonderfully delicious foods.

Tried a beer in nearly every country.

Eaten insects, on purpose!

Climbed and hiked endlessly.

Got on the wrong bus a few times!

Missed one flight.

Spent a wee bit of money!

Missed our daughter more than chocolates!


the three amigo’s

Laughed and smiled all the way.

Oh my word the learning! Learned lots about ourselves, each other, history, politics, societies and of course the amazing cultures we have interacted with.

Looking forward to the next period and more amazingly mind-blowing experiences.

Signing off from somewhere deep in Brazil, got a busy weekend helping The Fools with an English gig.


a couple of nights back in Montevideo at Tres Cruces bus station

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  1. Looking good there. I’m sure you can squeeze another year 🙂 ps it’s me. Xx


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