Don’t cry for me Argentina: Evita


I did not realise that Juan Peron had been elected three times as President and was imprisoned by the military and was also forced into exile. His political system, Peronism, appealed to the masses back in 1950’s as they were poor and had no future, except hard labour compared to the very wealthy, who wanted to maintain their power of their wealth, through supporting the government and especially their influence over the military.


So when his wife, Eva Peron started her attacks on the establishment, they must have hated and feared her and Juan so much. He planned contingencies for a possible World War3 by allowing Germany and Italian army immigrants with their stolen wealth from WW2 into Argentina, thus positioning Argentina as a key global role player should WW3 occur.

I wonder if he would have got in power if it wasn’t for Eva and I wonder if he used her popularity as much as she used his power to position each other, anyhow, her premature death created a figure for people to adopt as their own.


A very sad part of this story is that she could not continue and deliver on all her promises and then even after death her body was then abused by the military, so the story her sister tells, which is borne out, based on the evidence that is available, is that someone committed necrophilia, beat her face, burnt her feet after her death and her body was secretly transferred and buried in Milan in 1955 under a different name, only returning to Buenos Aires in 1971 for her final resting place in the eerie Recoleta Cemetery.


A fabulous story in modern times of an ordinary working class woman who inspired a nation and died before her time. Could even be Princess Diana, but let me respect the good that Evita delivered for her people.

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  1. The story of Eva Peron is so inspiring. I felt so emotional visiting her grave. Did you know her coffin is under to floor where people stand outside her tomb?


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