Walking among the dead in Buenos Aires


I never thought of visiting a cemetery since we visited the one in the centre of Prague where people are buried 6 or 9 deep on top of each other and since then I have never felt compelled to visit such a place whilst travelling.



Eva Peron’s family crypt

However, reading about the cemetery in Recoleta we headed out there on a grim rainy day, perfect weather for such a visit. The crypts are huge and ornate and cost a lot of money for the rich families that have generations buried there.



The dark and gloomy pathways separate the crypts and although each pathway seems to become more elaborate, none of it is familiar and confusion as to what direction you are pointing in, soon ensues.



As usual the photos speak volumes for what I try to convey in mere words, yet even these don’t convey the dank air of visiting a cemetery and seeing Eva Peron’s crypt her final resting place….finally.


Definitely an intriguing and different cemetery than any other I have seen, it is clear who has or rather who had the money to afford this kind of luxury in their afterlife.

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