Tasting Malbec on two wheels in Maipu, Mendoza

Practising our Spanish whilst riding under the influence on the wrong side of the road in a country we don’t really know.


Trusty steeds…


Mr Hugo’s bike rentals, what a cool dude helping us on our way


Good gal, no drink riding on that gravel


Feeling a bit saddle sore and light headed after our bike ride through Maipu, I think we actually got lost at one stage.


Left to right is hmm, oh dear I have forgotten but I think it is Cab Sav, then Malbec then Syrah….


The vineyards of Mendoza are famous for their Malbec, after government legislated many years ago that specific grapes can only be grown in certain areas.

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  1. You’re never given the best bike on these tours too- which makes it twice as dangerous!


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