Bye bye Bali

I am sad to leave, because I have not done all I wanted to do and see all I wanted to see in Bali. But we have places to go and people to meet. 

The bites of Bali I took was filled with lush green foliage, blue oceans, long stretches of beach, beautiful sunsets and delicious food. 

Quick stop to admire the view

Staying in the touristy area of Kuta was not ideal for the quietude that I now appreciate, but at least we had a lovely pool with the beach in walking distance. We managed to explore the area of Uluwatu and scoot up and down the windy, hilly roads taking a break for a dip in the ocean for an hour here and there! Breathtaking scenery made the tiring days worth it. And of course, I had to finally watch that silly movie, Eat pray love, to see what all the fuss was about. It pretty much made me regret not getting to spend more time there, but alas, all good things must come to an end! 

Uluwatu beach

Scooting around the island

Next time I’m this way, I’ll fit in the awesome district of Ubud and cycle the terraced ricefields that it is known for. 

For now, Bali is a beautiful memory, on the horizon of my mind. Without the hords of Auzzie tourists! 

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  1. Looks amazing…


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