Prince Nkosana from Bandung

This story originates in an exotic land called India, where we met and befriended an awesome Indonesian fellow. We spent many days together being silly and having a generally fabulous time. 

So, when we finally embarked on our journey to Indonesia there was no doubt whom we would go to visit. Our original destination was Bali but now we had a reason to visit Bandung. I can safely say the reunion was just as expected, great fun and many laughs. 

Ebony, Ivory and Bamboo

Laughing out loud

So of course, I’m African and I’m in the city where the Asia Africa conference was born and this means many questions about Africa. The one question my dear friend wanted answered above all was, what is my African name? His, not mine. Many questions about his current names and meaning later, we settled on the name, Nkosana meaning prince in Xhosa. And thus the ceremony was held to rename the child. I now dub thee, Prince Nkosana Johanes Tanusanjaya, aka JojoTJ, born in Bandung to Chinese lineage.

Suffice it to say, many a great giggle was set off by the reference to this ostentatious label. And yes, he is as free spirited and many faceted as his names suggest. All that and a kind and generous heart.

Beautiful, generous family

Thank you for making Indonesia real for us. I can’t wait to welcome you to your African roots, Nkosana! Make haste to Cape Town.

PS. Bandung was lovely too!!

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