Khmer or not Khmer 

If you took the average Cambodian and dropped him or her in the middle of the Cape flats, locals might very well assume that they are also just a local. And this would be totally excusable because the facial structures and chocolate(milk and dark) skintone of the Khmer people are not totally unlike that of my ethnic fellows. 

But I was still surprised, when I was mistook for a Khmer woman on more than one occasion. This was before it dawned on me that I was amongst people who looked much like me. It was always Fin who got asked about my true origins, almost as if they assumed that I shunned my heritage and a direct question may lead to some dire consequences. I guess it was my rbf at work. The ones who dared to question always had a ready smile and friendly disposition and could not believe that people from another continent resembled their ethnicity so closely. And I can not say how many others addressed me in the Khmer language and got ignored with a firm hand. Unintentionally, of course! 

And being with Fin didn’t help me either, as he was another European with his Asian bit on the side. 

If I ever have to flee to another country and vanish, I’d consider Cambodia.  

Before we get to some serious dancing


Line dancing with my Khmer people


Fun with Mony and Sreyno and Black Dawg


ACE students


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  1. Hehehe…
    Shunning from your roots


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