It’s raining cats n dogs! Hallelujah 

Our wonderful friend Jojo, who we met in India many months ago was there to greet us in Bandung, West Java. It is an important point for me to mention that it is West Java, as according to Jojo it is the epicenter of all things Javanese…..well maybe I exaggerate sorry Jojo 😜 but they are proud to be from West Java, a city with 2,4 million people in a country of 260million.


angkot travels

Almost like clockwork, this city is hit by warm rain at precisely 5pm every day except on a Saturday when the weather in an effort to become less predictable, decides to rain more randomly. The rain is that lovely warm rain, that drenches you all of a sudden and does not seem to flow away from the ground. 

Looking more closely I love how the pavements through the city have been brick paved in many different styles over the years and are sandwiched between the tree lined, narrow roads and houses. Due to the rain and the paving and the roots of the trees, every path is uplifted and cracks and all sorts of unevenness appears everywhere. 

The traffic grinds to a halt and actually becomes a jam every day through the city centre, but no one seems stressed or angry. Being the adventurous souls we try out the local taxi service, the Angkot to get us through the city to Jojo’s house. Some 60 minutes later we arrive at our destination a mere 5 km away.


chicken or egg


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  1. Those eggs🙀….You guys made a great friend


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