Game of change?

Traveling changes you… That’s what all travellers say and also what I expected to happen during our travels. Well after nine months and a few days, I still missed my high heels, my pretty dresses, having my nails done, certain people still annoy me no end, Fin still irritate me at intervals and all the voices in my head still haven’t taken a breath. And I haven’t given it much thought until I found myself bent over a particularly scary bug, literally beating the shit out of it and I was struck by one thought, I did not feel good about it at all. I suppose The realization struck me that all life mattered and even though I don’t relish the thought of that thing biting me and giving me lime disease or whatever, I could have done it differently. It biting me would’ve been what bugs do, but I’m meant to be more evolved and rational thought should prevail. 

Anyway, I’m not beating myself up about it, but I guess me putting this much thought into killing a bug, means I’ve changed a little.

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