Lara Croft and Indiana Jones: Tomb Raiders


Lara Croft or Indiana Jones may like the 4:30am trek into the forests of Siem Reap to save mankind from extinction with their guile, athleticism and archeological knowledge, but neither of us are Lara Croft or Indiana Jones. So when the alarm went off at this unholy hour we lifted our bodies out of our comfy beds and off into our tuktuk ($20 for the day).



Watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat is one of those sights I always had in mind that I would do one day, but never did I realise that there would be hordes of tourists doing the same thing. Fighting our way through the crowds after getting our $20 ticket (each) off our driver went into the dark until arriving by the row of headlamps further along the moated road.


We could barely see the cobbled pathway as we marched off with the crowd to find a decent viewing point on the west side across the lily pond, where waiting the 45 mins until sunrise everyone jostling for a good view, in the dark of course.

The building itself being a thousand years old is quite impressive with amazing views whether from the outside in or inside out.




Next up a little further into the overall complex we visited Bayon Temple with the smiling faces of Brahma (I think) or some say it may be a famous king. Anyhow, here you need to put on your climbing shoes to get in and around this small complex and see the best views of the stone effigies that watch you with their pleasant smile radiating at every corner.



Last but not least the complex known locally as Tomb Raiders. The tress have overrun this complex with massive roots and branches intertwined with walls and roofs. Much of this complex is in ruins but the parts that have been painstakingly repaired makes us feel a little Lara Croft-like or for me Indiana Jones-like.


Heading back to our hotel for a rest after such a hot, active and long morning, it was hard to believe it was only 11:30am.







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