Into Hanoi we go

We met Hanoi after dark. A very inconspicuous looking town with traffic going in all directions like the clappers! I was already confused by the right side driving and then it’s India all over again with motorbikes going every which way.

The taxi shared with a lovely French guy was quick and uneventful but our evening stroll down the busy streets was a sight to behold. Every available space on the, nonexistent sidewalk was crammed with bodies. Snacking, eating a hot pot, drinking beer and just having a jolly good time. It was Sunday but days of the week clearly doesn’t matter here. 

We spent our few days in Hanoi savouring the local cuisine and trying not to become roadkill while melting in the sticky heat.

My highlight was strolling along the  train track that goes smack down the middle of a residential block. And the residence doesn’t look like it concerns them at all.

I’ll catch the train from here

The Ho-chi-mihn museum provided a look into the Vietnam war and the structure of this communist country. I don’t understand it too well, but it seems to work for them.

Two posers in the back


For Fin’s entertainment we had to also see the military museum and flag tower. Although I was very reticent about this activity I quite enjoyed playing mission impossible amongst the plane, tank and other wreckages that were on display.

Black Dawg in the pilot’s seat


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