Good morning Vietnam

When you take a short ride to any of these amazing sights around Da Nang you realize how making the decision to travel the world, even though difficult and challenging in the planning and preparation phases was definitely the right one for ourselves.   

Whilst I understand that it is not for everyone to backpack and live a very disruptive lifestyle without any true routines. For myself, after many years of disciplined working around the world, a single word I can use to describe our journey at the moment is….freedom. 

Although we still have responsibilities back home, journeying to countries, cities and meeting people like we have here in Da Nang, is just a fresh, free and fabulous feeling. 


Hang on a minute I am sure my poor understanding of a communist regime is one where there is sadness, poverty and fear. Oh yes, I forget the role that the media has played in my life and how it continues to influence free thinking with so called news. Thanks CNN, BBC and the rest for being honest and unbiased!





Why is it then that many people cannot find it in their hearts to try and understand people from other cultures, yet dream of, or even have the opportunity to visit other countries where the culture is vastly different to their own. Surely, people enjoy travel or the thought of it so that they can have new experiences to help them grow. 


Yet many people go out of their way to initiate hate against another person or culture or religion or ethnic group or sexual preference….rather than just trying to understand each other a little bit more and heaven forbid, tolerate each other’s differences.


But perhaps that would take effort that many are unwilling or unable to make for the benefit of a more peaceful world where we can live in harmony. 

How naive am I to think that we can change our world for our children and childrens children benefit?

Who cares what others think of my opinions. But I shall express them as I always have and try and positvely influence others.

So if we are a reflection of the choices we make whether we are born into poverty or with a silver spoon in our mouth, then I have made a good decision to spend some of my precious life in this wonderful place with the warm and kind people of Vietnam.


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