Hello South east Asia 

Halfway towards the Vietnam border from Nanning, we left behind the smoke filled skies of China and meet the clearblue heavens filled with scattered clouds and a bright smiling sun. The landscape is lush with greenery and sporadic mountainous outcroppings overrun with trees and plantations. Toto, you’re not in China anymore! 

It’s warmer here and everyone is friendlier, even the officials at border control has a ready smile. I had the feeling we were in for a very good experience. 

We had a fun little border crossing transit, with golf carts that go from the bus stop to the Chinese immigration then from there to the Vietnam immigration and back to another bus stop.


Tagged for our bus pick-up on the other side

If you buy a through ticket to Hanoi, your bus will be there to meet you. 

Our first meeting with Vietnam is a pleasant one, especially the mild weather. A welcome relieve after the freezing temperatures of China.

Good morning Vietnam!

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  1. Hey. Glad you guys are still alive and well and enjoying yourselves. We wonder (and are amazed) at your energy levels. Whatever it is that keeps you going and so enthusiastic we want some!

    Enjoy Vietnam – the food is phenomenal and the beer hoi is cool too. Sapa in the mountains west of Hanoi is nice if you have an opportunity to visit – but you probably knew that already.

    Hope all is well and stay safe!

    Scott and Anna.


  2. How is the current ZAR exchange rate affecting you?



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