The Buddhist Monk who loved gold


Kinkaku-ji Temple

The hordes of visitors lining up outside gave us some clue that we would be visiting a wonderful sight and we weren’t to be disappointed. With breathtaking views of the Zen Buddhist Golden Temple across the lake, glistening in the sunlight and reflecting off the water like a shimmering mirage in the desert heat. Wow! Not spectacular just pure Kyoto temple charm with this sprinkle of the golden stuff.



Definitely a pose for the camera or was it looking for directions

I loved the view but preferred the Ginkaku-ji Temple is far more peaceful and a feeling of harmony about its design and layout, but maybe that was just my need at a point in time. One thing I can say is that the level of detail in the landscaping and Feng Shui is amazing.

It was ironic then, that in the background of the hillside is plant life that is direct descendent from the devastation of Hiroshima Atomic Bomb fall out. Could this be a reminder to everyone of the harm of war and why diplomatic solutions must always be sought. Ah, how naive of me to think that people with opposing views could just learn to tolerate each other and live in our world. Even the Japanese have a sordid history of wreaking terror on their neighbouring countries.


Bamboo Grove


We had this one day for seeing many temples, beautiful though they are and steeped in the rich history of Japan it often feels fabricated because as things look so perfectly orderly. It’s just the Japanese way and they don’t have a problem rebuilding anything that has been damaged in earthquakes or fires or feudal wars. Knock me down, I shall pick myself up, rebuild, and get along with things, after learning why I fell, so that I do not have the same fall in the future.


Oh well, Sharki3 did not have her Kimono in her backpack




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