And then there was three

Four months, twenty nine days and  a few hours and she was finally running through the gates of Nippori station, Tokyo to meet us. 

Running into my mother’s arms

We welcomed our tiny offspring with tears of joy and pride that she made it halfway around the world on her own. Ok, so we made sure she had all the important details! 

Now the fun could finally start and Tokyo was not a bad choice for this. Our first night was spend wandering the streets of Shinjuku and a lovely Doria at the Tokyo Dome city. 

Tokyo Dome at night


Then a whirlwind of sights from going up the Tokyo tower, the walk across the Rainbow bridge, Meiji Jingu Shrine, the Imperial Palace and the Nijubashi bridge. Sushi at the worlds largest fish market and the much visited Senjoji shrine. After months of volunteering, doing the tourist thing with TJ was a nice change.

Meiji Jingu Shrine and park entrance


Night view from the Tower


Tokyo Tower


The Rainbow bridge

And of course she had to meet our new friends so a night out was in order before we left the skyline of Tokyo for beautiful Kyoto.  

New friends at Kudama


New bff, Makaku

And a birthday celebration far from friends and home! But we gave her a temple of gold, if only for a few hours and we did manage to have a birthday cake.

Birthday day out at Kinkakuji(Golden) Temple


Happy Birthday TJ



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  1. I can only imagine how hard the time away from your wee offspring must have been..


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