Not for all the tea in China…

Our time came to an end for China and the saddest thing was saying goodbye to new friends. 

Chinese friends and a frenchie


At the Confucius temple


A little love from Mama


Chinese opera


Micheal and his dancing friends

Michael, Kingston, Sisi but mostly Michael… We squatted on his coach for a week and as his reward he got to take us out to the Chinese opera, used us to do a motivational talk and made us the devils advocate in his political science masters class.  
I wanted to stay and explore some more, but also I couldn’t wait to get out. Maybe it was the cold, the smog, public spitting or incessant pushing but the beauty of China kept playing hide and seek with me.   


Walking the Bund


The Bund at night


Sillyness on the promenade

It came sporadically with flashing glimpses of awe and when I wanted to grab some more, it vanished behind a wall of smog or something else really revolting.  



Temple of heaven in Beijing


Last night with MSB in Beijing

But I’m not one to force the issue and I suppose China and I will have another opportunity to have our affair to remember. For now we are on a break…


Summer palace in winter

One thing I’m sure of, even if China is vying for the number one spot as global economic leader, I can never see myself making a life here. I take my hat off to all the expats living here, trying to find their piece of heaven in this land of the rising sun.

Give me a bucket shower and African landscapes over skyscrapers and a face mask any day!

BD posing on the bridge in Suzhou


Suzhou, Venice of the east


Suzhou, escaping Shanghai


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  1. I had a very similar assessment of China. The spitting drove me mad. Also the grey, dull, unpainted buildings once you get away from the touristy areas.


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