Confucious says, if you want to go on long trip, be prepared to change your plan

I don’t think Confucious actually said these words, it’s one of my sayings. However, I did not know that there was a temple where Confucious was ordained as a sage. His teachings had such a profound effect on China it was adopted as the ideology by which Chinese people would behave many centuries ago and follow for many more afterwards.

Seeing his statue and his chair where his students would sit and learn while he shared the teachings was an amazing feeling and very privileged to be here. 

Finding the temple was something else, hidden down some side street behind the endless stream of souvenir shops close to Lama Temple and metro. Definitely a feeling of being very happy to have spent some time at his temple and witness the thousands of teachings carved into 3 metre high white stone slabs.

 His teachings eventually being replaced by Maosim and Communism, which conflict much of Confucisim. Although still practiced today by many and in particular in rural Chinese communities it’s one of those ideologies to learn a bit more about on my quest in life.


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