Liu Fei a night at the opera


Our great friend Micheal managed to get us tickets for a Chinese Opera in Tianjin. We are not particularly big or even knowledgeable opera fans, nevertheless definitely excited at the opportunity to see a live performance at the famous Tianjin Theatre, a modern building in the city centre. Great seats, free tickets, Chinese Opera…

Anyone who is a novice opera fan may not understand what is being sung word by word, well imagine us watching Liu Fei, a well known ancient Chinese story of love, war and sadness and everyone is singing in Chinese!

Absolutely fabulous entertainment in the 2,5 hours of singing, sword fights, romantic interludes, warriors and ladies dancing all in complete harmony and we did not understand a single word.

Just goes to show, words cannot express everything in life for a story to be enjoyed.

We had after show drinks with some of the dancers and even received a free Kung Fu lesson.   


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