Totsiens Brave Asian Girl


We could have visited Korea and had a good time but we were very fortunate in meeting Sarah in Zambia and being a friendly face one evening we got chatting by the pool at the Livingstone Backpacker Inn, which in turn transformed into our support for her bungee jump off Vic Falls and a friend for life. Sarah had been travelling on her own from Korea for several months and ended up with the self proclaimed nickname “Brave Asian Girl”.

She asked us to visit Korea which was not on our route, but new friend and deciding to be more spontaneous, we changed our route to include Korea en route from Beijing to Tokyo. Well it is kind of on the way sort of, if you look at the flat map of the world, in reality, it’s either a tricky ferry ride overnight or a short flight. Short flight it was.

Spending our time with Sarah and her pals was superb in the super cool city of Seoul. I wish we could have stayed longer but we had some visa constraints for Sharki3 for Japan timing and meeting Tylo a week later than originally hoped for we had to make haste with a long weekend in Seoul.




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