Random dinner guests


I wonder why when we are at home we never talk to people in a restaurant queue and ask them to join us for dinner so they don’t have to wait long for a table? I guess I miss out on meeting lots of fab & interesting people by being overly cautious of whatever excuse I may have. Maybe I would come across as creepy.

To test out my developing spontaneity, I invited fellow restaurant queuers, Tom and Andrew to share our dinner table at Peacock Rooftop Restaurant in Jaipur. Andrew the tropical disease guy from Liverpool University and Tom an IT security systems guru both from UK joined us for a great laugh and lots of fun stories with some great food.

I wonder if it was more of a cultural comfortness that made them agree to the invite rather than a random act of exploring something new or maybe they were just famished.

Anyhow, I guess I need more data to support any theory on my spontaneous invitations from a broader range of victims.

Don’t know what the response will be from Capetonians…..

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  1. Hi guys. i think they would think you are creepy in Cape Town !


  2. I can just see the Capetonians scooping up their jaws from the floor in disbelief of what they have just read. Well brave Fin, spontaneous Fin, keep on testing that theory. Waiting the results with baited breath.


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