Monkey business and a piggy back ride

With just a few hours left in Jaipur we went to see the monkey temple. It’s a mere six kilometers outside of the city center but half of that is up hill riddled with seemingly harmless monkeys. The temple has a great view of the Pink city if not for all the smog. Anyway, we spent the descend feeding the monkeys with some peanuts. Some are very polite and take the nuts out of your hand very calmly and some are just hooligans with no manners grabbing for fun. While I was feeding one, another jumped on my back and nipped me and then his friend grabbed my leg and also tried to take a bite out of my knee. Not so harmless after all. One very polite monkey insisted on only taking one nut at a time and proceeded to leisurely eat it while I stood there like some monkey with my hand out. 


Who’s the biggest monkey


Fin cautiously feeding a monkey


On this hill there are cows, goats and pigs living amongst the monkeys. On our way back I saw this baby riding the pigs back looking for fleas I suppose. I managed to snap the scene before he jumped off. 

A real piggy back ride!


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  1. Cute piggy ride …u not supposed to feed monkey’s in SA


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