But first let me take a selfie

There’s this weird thing that happens to foreign people in India. I call it the selfie phenomenon. Complete strangers walk up to you in the street or at sights and ask to take a selfie with you. There’s no introduction, or what’s your name or where are you from, just a request for a selfie. Fin has been approached plenty of times, but some actually think he looks like Transporter actor Jason Statham(I don’t see it😏). As a joke he asks for 300 rupees to take a selfie and that give them reason for pause. In my ignorance I thought it was reserved only for those foreign travelers of the light pigmented variety. Then utter shock and horror; some young lady literally throws her baby at her companion in her haste to get me to take a selfie with her. I’m so flabbergasted that I decline the offer and quickly escapes with my head reeling with questions of why. I just don’t understand it.

Fin with his posse of stalkers

Now, I have been a celebrity photostalker at least once in my life, so I understand the need to capture a moment with the like to show family and friends.

But how does this conversation go later in the day? “OMG everyone, you’ll never believe the amazing day I had. Come look at my pics! Here, this is a good one, this is me and a complete stranger I accosted in the mall. Oh and this one is the best; a selfie with some strange lady I stalked on the street. How cool is that?”

There’s nought weirder than folk… Fin’s words, not mine!

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  1. LoL!!! Weird folks out there hehehe


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