The year of the itch

I don’t recall much about having chickenpox, only that it itched like crazy. I’ve been stocked up with all kinds of repellant armory since we left and avoided the mosquitoes for the most part in Africa. Uganda however, had some die hard rebels who were not phased too much by armbands and the like. I mostly had to watch out for the sneaky buggers at night, but soon realized that covering up was my best defence. 
However the stinging biatches in India, are so badass that they don’t care if you’re wearing pants, armbands, spray or whatever. They are completely unfazed and immune. And if they don’t get you, there are plenty of other crawly things that are too happy to make you their last supper. My legs look like a patchwork quilt of bites; mozzies, spiders, ants, unidentifiable goggas in trees and the like. If I go back into Africa now, they may mistake me for a spotted hyena! 

But I’ve been receiving a lot of advice and lotions and potions to ward off the bite and the itch. Coconut oil is apparently not just for hair, it helps to repel the mozzies and stops the itch. This from a medical researcher for one of the top pharmaceutical companies. A very helpful ointment called Neem helps with the itching and clears up the mark. Then there is also my own proudly South African, Zambuk, which I unfortunately lost somewhere in Kenya. I’m convinced thats the reason I was minimally plagued until Uganda.
My advice, if it itches don’t scratch! It just makes it worse.

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  1. Just drink loadssssss of alcohol my friend, mossies won’t bug you!


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