Meeting Jason Statham in India


My dear Indian friends and photo-bombers I would just like to confirm that I am in fact NOT Jason Statham. I realise that the more I deny it, the more you believe it to be true and that I sometimes tease you with my demands of 500 rupees when you take photos of me.

But come on, do you really believe that I would put up with the levels of rudeness from some of you without using my Jason Statham skills of gentlemanly conduct and friendliness as displayed in my movies?

I must confess to a very nice gentleman I was chatting to in a Bangalore bus station late one night who insisted that I was a South African Cricketer and I did play along.

I am so sorry. I was a little bored and just wanted some fun…..

When you asked my name, the temptation to tell you that I was called Jason Statham was great. I just wanted to somehow see your kids faces when you told them you met this SA Cricketer called Jason Statham and then your proceeded to describe me…..

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  1. Which cricketer are you? LoL


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