Day in the life of a holiday maker

We have one weekend in Mombasa and we try to make the most of it and spend some time with our friend, Linda and baby Alexandra. Friday was mostly an arrival day and I was too tired to go anywhere but Fin managed to scare up some spare energy to go out and find food and drink. He arrived back at mid nite with some burger and chips for me who woke up from my nap with a fierce hunger. Saturday we got to know a bit about the town of Mtwapa and venture to the beach area up to the bars, because you can’t miss them! Our Sunday started out listening to some pastor trying to conjur up the holy trinity at the top of his lungs. But the Catholic Church choir gave it a nice balance as we walked past a few minutes later. Anyway I think everyone in the village was suitably blessed.  

Fin, Kelly and Alexandra


Fin, Sharki3 and Lexie

We jumped on a matatu and went to Suli Suli restaurant nearby. It belongs to a friend of a friend. Not surprisingly, people know each other in the small village of Mtwapa, especially if you are mzungu.  

Scola and Judith wants business advice

Our breakfast discussion with the wait staff bring about some enlightenment on the habits and customs of Mombasa inhabitants, but that’s a story for another blog. 

Anyway, a long stroll on the beach and a drink along the way later we arrange to meet up with Linda at the mall. One bottle of wine later we finally see her coz she went to a different place. Hot, bothered and bewildered so we order more wine. 

Bar hopping with Matatu

Our afternoon sojourn then takes us to Cheers for Fin to watch the football and get something to eat for us hungry lions. But alas, Cheers is a German owned bar with German hangers on and they watch the Bundesliga! 😤 The nice owner who is a slave to his regulars, not us, suggest we try the hotel down the road that has a sports bar. We went there and the rest is history. 

Let’s just say the day ended in the early hours of Monday morning, three bars and 15kms later. Needless to say, we were very tired the next day!

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  1. You guys look good…Africa doing you well 😃


  2. Great pics — truly lovely. Good to see you looking so happy. Love mum xxx

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