+256 Youth Platform

Being invited to facilitate a 2 day strategy workshop in Iganga for +256 Youth Platform was a true privilege for us. This is an organization who have very little in a country where 83% of the youth are unemployed! Yes 83%! Not a typo! There are just no jobs and social entrepreuners are needed to help them develop real skills and ideas and systems in order that they have a future. The teaching methods in many schools for many decades was to punish children severely so that they do not even dare to ask questions. This has brought about a generation that is often afraid of taking risks, challenging the status quo and who lack self esteem.

Big challenges for a nation that is at a crossroads but has an amazing opportunity  to live upto it’s name as The Pearl of Africa if moves in the right direction.

+256 Youth Platform have started a library, gym and carpentry classes for the community and desperately need any equipment or books.

If you are interested in helping +256 Youth Platform please contact us at intothestrange and we will connect you.


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