Mombasa upgrade

Oh it’s so hard being a traveler.  We are forced to take a mini break again. We didn’t want to but our friend insisted. And we just couldn’t say no to time on the beach in Mombasa. We are only human after all and selfish at that!

Shirt off for maximum exposure

Mombasa has something for everyone. At the moment it’s start of the season and with all the trouble that’s been in Africa it’s quieter than normal, but the city is crammed with people.

Day out at Jumba ruins

We stay in Mwtapa village to experience the local culture then at the beach in Bamburi and it’s fabulous. Our money is tight so getting an upgrade is a lovely surprise.  Big room close to the beach and a fabulous view of the Indian Ocean. No school or volunteering at the moment just walking the beach (free exfoliation) having a great time with our friend, eating, drinking and making more friends. More serious things next week in Uganda!

Monkey business in front of our door


Lizards in all kinds of colours


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  1. Mombasa sounds like a very interesting place. It must be hell of an experience 🙂


    • Well the world is full of beautiful beaches and Mombasa has some wonderful people. In the villages, life in places like Mtwapa are great fun to get to know the locals and their lives and try your hand at some totally different experiences like negotiating a matatu or a boda boda ride….We will definitely return to Mombasa.

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