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The combination of sports bars and trendy hotel bars with a fine selection of old German and Swiss dudes and the odd British pensioner along with a constant stream of trim young Kenyan girls is a rather intriguing sight to behold.

The guys have those tee shirts and vests where their grey hair protrudes through and over the sleeves, their stomaches hang well below the waistline, they can certainly drink beer, hakuna matata!

The guys make their move at the bars while the girls sit looking pretty fluttering their long eyelashes in their direction hoping to get out of their tough existence in a village or slum area on the back of a seemingly rich European.

But wait on….you are jumping the gun if you think it’s all seedy, far from it. I have had to rewrite this blog to make sure no prejudices creep in, after all it’s just observations and opinions, doesn’t mean I am right or wrong or being judgemental.

Nevertheless, I would be doing an injustice if I did not express something about this local practice where a rich European who is in excess of 60 years old finds his companion in a young Kenyan girl who wants to be treated to nice clothes, jewellery, phones etc and hopefully a house or apartment, all on the back of his retirement money which he must send when he is back in Europe on an ongoing basis.


Now I have only described the male European in this blog but let me assure you there are plenty of ageing European ladies with young Kenyan men here, all for their rejuvenation.

I did some homework and interviews (typical) and asked some very direct questions and the girls assured me that NO sex occurs, as that would be wrong. A German dude who I was chatting with in one of the bars had a glint in his eye when he was telling me that he visits Mombasa every year at least three times so that he can de-stress.

Well no matter what, all I see is people who share some smiles and are friendly with no angle on ourselves, except to give advice on places to visit, share a drink, tell a good story and being curious at our adventure. I did get asked by one young lady if I had a brother who would be visiting, as she had seen me with my wife and girlfriend and baby. Now that is another story for another blog 🙂

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