Concrete chaos to the Ocean shores 


Raphael the Maasai Soldier from Arusha

Traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa by bus we ended up choosing Mash Bus service after reading the many bad reviews online about their competitors. Anyhow the challenge with Mash is that you can only reserve tickets over the phone and only 2 days before your intended travel. You can pay at their offices anytime afterwards along with your ID or Passport, cash only. Check the seating to make sure you have a good spot. Their offices in Accra Road would be better named Agro Road due to the crazy crazy levels of cockroaches that want to sell you something you don’t need or want to get you into their taxi, they simply ignore your words of “No”. Perhaps it means maybe! Simply ignoring them does not help you either it just encourages them to try harder.

Our pal Raphael from Arusha was in the city and came to see us in the Mash waiting room. Shame he is a Chelsea fan! But now we are true blood brothers!

The Mash Cool Bus was great and left the concrete jungle of Nairobi ontime at 22:45 and arrived in the busiest let of the ocean shores of Mombasa at 8:00 the following the morning.

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