Nyama choma, Arusha style 

Our last day in Ilboru village is commemorated with a braai/barbecue, Arusha style… 

Nyama choma


The goat is killed with a spear and then slaughtered. The meat is impaled on sticks and put over the fire to cook. The boys play at cooking and the girls are doing all the work in the kitchen.  

Sitting around or cooking


And me, I’m doing mama Lolita’s hair. Relaxer, baby!! The girls are wide eyed at my skills, so I’m dubbed mama Africa. 👍

Lunch is alfresco under the trees and we eat till we are horizontal.😁 Meat good!! 

The leg is mine 😜


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  1. Mama Africa! You go girl…you’ve earned your stripes. Relaxer and all…hehehe

    I see Finny is improving his culinary skills in Africa 😳

    Looks really cool and relaxed. Claudia you look so comfortable in the pic.

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