Asante Sana Tanzania

We entered Tanzania at the beginning of August and now beginning September we leave for Kenya.
A beautiful country with such friendly people. The government has not been looking after their voters that is obvious and change is coming in October elections. 

Entering into Kenya we took the Riverside shuttle bus from Arusha for 30,000Tsh each about a 5 ride to Nairobi. They wanted to charge us in US$25 each as we are foreigners. This is pretty typical for all the safari visitors as they get charged very high rates, not like us locals. Anyhow, two daily departures at 08:00 and at 14:00 but we don’t fancy arriving in Narobi in the evening. Cost me $50 for my visa at immigration after the walk from Tanzania departure office. Shuttle stops via Lenya Airport and a ridiculous walk by all bus passengers through an external check point by the car park😁. Drop off at Jivangee Gardens.

Great memories and friends made in Tanzania and now we are part of a bigger family: The Kissiri Clan

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