I haven’t killed one yet…

So when I was little, my dearest mother told me that I should under no circumstances consider a career in teaching. Reason being, that I have little patience and the poor kids would be in serious danger of losing their lives. 
But, I can happily report that I haven’t killed one yet. Not even accidentally. 😜  

Class 3 pretending to be well behaved


I’m “teaching” grade 3’s, they are very boisterous and have serious issues with sitting still so I’m mostly trying to keep them occupied rather than teaching. My lessons are mostly in English, maths and social behaviour, ie waiting to be dismissed at break time. 
My first and only attempt at doing geography left me stumped at how many neighbours Tanzania has. 😳 No more geography for me…

Class 3 and teacher Mjema

The kids were all disappointed to hear that we will leave soon, but I know they will forget in a flash. And me? I will have left a bit of my heart with class 3…  

Elia, teacher’s pet


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  1. This mom applauds you .. ☺️.mothers can be wrong sometimes and patience do come with experience I would say ..lots of love to you both x x x .miss you guys lots x x x

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  2. Cute pet… The kids look so happy


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