Engilang’et school

Maasai word meaning light. Anna Mollel is founder and visionary of this private primary school where her dream is to educate every child no matter what their level of ability is. 

More importantly provide a high level of education in a country where only the rich get an education worth mentioning at top quality overseas institutions.

Private doesn’t mean privileged or even luxury here. The desks are on their last legs the classrooms are too few and needs a lick of paint, and the teachers definitely need some development. 

But they do this for the love of it as the salary is better in government schools. Everyone is there because they know they can make a difference and here it’s about the children not the money.

Our focus at the school speedily changes from that of teaching the children to helping with teacher development. This is after all more sustainable and even though they had a plan for us to teach, they crave the chance to improve themselves for the sake of the children. 

Identifying the school values

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  1. Truely inspirational. Makes one think how fortunate we are.


  2. Hi guys. Such great work you are doing. Strength to you both. Cheers David

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  3. Am full of admiration for your fortitude and understanding. Well done both of you! Lotsa love from me n dad xxx

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