One of our many goals for intothestrange is to identify and develop some organizations that speak to our inner soul when it comes to education for children, a deep passion of ours.

And while volunteering in Ilboru Village we came across Samson Justo running Nakupenda NGO. His efforts along with his nephew James are admirable, unselfishly giving his time everyday in helping connect volunteers to schools and helping the schools improve. His kindness, humbleness and desire are tremendous examples for others to learn from and between the two young men they made a real impression with sharki3 and myself.

After several discussions, meetings and helping them with their business plan it was obvious to us that we should and could make a real sustainable difference in many children’s lives through Nakupenda in Arusha.

The government schools have overcrowding in every class with mostly 60 pupils squeezed onto benches where only 30 were meant to be. The teachers must be very careful with chalk for their painted blackboard, as they have such low levels of supply they regularly run out of chalk and lessons become even more difficult. 

Not one computer can be found onsite anywhere. Windows and doors are broken. Teachers receive small salaries and in the private schools will work for 75% salary just so they can workin marginally better conditions. 

You get the gist… if you are interested in helping whether by donation, sponsorship, supplies, volunteering please let us know here at intothestrange and we will do the rest.

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