In Arusha Having an even textured tan makes no difference while I venture through the village and local markets where I am affectionately called “Mzungo” meaning “White man” by kids and adults alike. Makes a change from being called a “lobster with peeling skin guy”  I guess…..

Watching my football team in a bar full of Maasai on a Saturday evening was quite a fun experience, they are just as passionate about their adopted teams as everyone else outside of England who follow the Premier League. The shouting and jumping up and down when someone scores is quite amazing….but check out the pics, very few women in the bar as they are busy with housework or possibly running one of the many hundreds of hair salons.

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  1. Hi Mzungo. It all looks very colourful …. and very hot. What are temps out there? Lotsa love xxx


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