Tale of two cards

Once upon a time in a far away city called Lusaka an unsuspecting aunt and uncle was happily shopping for some birthday cards to send to two little nephews. 

Little did they know that an evil  force, called Postnet, was plotting against their endeavors to have these delivered. 

They went skipping off to Postnet in Arcades Mall and was lucky to find that they sold a brown envelope to hold both cards for the long journey. Happy days, they thought and this time they had a pen to complete the address(not like the previous day when their attempts at posting from East Park Mall failed). 

They enquired about posting the cards and handed it over to be weighed by the attendant. When asked about type of service they obviously asked for normal post, but after learning it would take a month, they opted for DHL service. A little more costly than the cards itself, but little nephews are more important than money, of course. 

A still unsuspecting aunt was merrily writing receiver and return addresses on the brown envelope and then took them from the attendant and placed them in the brown envelope and sealed it for safe posting. 

After everything was done, she says “I need to look inside the envelope to see the contents as per DHL policy”.  And this is where it gets really scary.😱😱

She wanted to open the envelope that was just sealed under her watchful eye, to look at the contents that she had just handed over to put inside… 🙈

Needless to say, the two weary ones looked in astonishment at each other, then burst out laughing, looked around for the hidden cameras and simultaneously replied in a slightly elevated tone,”Are you freaking kidding me!”😳😳

This crazy tale can only end with one Postnet attendant being convinced of the folly of opening an envelope that she already knew the contents of.😁

Yes kids, this is crazy at its best, but alas this is Africa and that’s how we roll. 😂

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