Kilimanjaro Express??

After 48 hrs which was more like 58hrs, three days in layman’ terms, on an express train that stopped more than there was stations and idled for longer than it was moving we finally got to the capital of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Phew!!! 

One of our scheduled stops


Our view from the train


One of our nilly willy stops

Midnight day 3 greets us there, our internet bundles have run out long ago and roaming has let us down, so we have lost our Couchsurfing opportunity and have no where to stay and don’t know where we’re going. 🙈 

But alas, we are not without a rabbit in the hat. Econolodge springs to mind, from months of looking at Dar and budget accommodation, so we get a taxi there for 15000tsh, $6 give or take. And lucky we get a twin room with all the luxuries of running water and power. Watch this space for a review on Econolodge. 


View from our balcony, courtesy of Econolodge

Devices are charged up and tickets booked for the ferry to Zanzibar, our last little “holiday” before 2 months of nonstop volunteering work.


BD enjoying the view en route to Zanzibar

Let the fun in the sun (it’s actually raining right now) begin!🌴🏄🏻🚣🏻🏊🏼👏🏼

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  1. great blog but can’t access pics! Never mind. Will see them when we eventually see you two contemporary explorers. Lotsa love xxx


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