Cockroaches on 2 legs

Every bus terminal we have been to so far we have been greeted before disembark by a group of cockroaches as we have affectionately named them.

These are the young guys who are shouting, cajoling and almost wrestling you as you step off the bus. They desperately want to grab our luggage and probably our pockets, such levels of customer service is impressive….then again methinks they are a pest and need exterminating. I have only smacked one arm, barged into one, knocked a small group back with my backpack while sharki3 has shouted the firm “Thank you” and “no, get off”.

Check the guy on the left in the photo, he is the leader at Lusaka intercity bus terminal who gave me a mouthful for daring to take a photo, when I should be afraid….always tough in a group. 

I thought he was going to ask me for feedback on his gang of cockroaches’ effectiveness and efficiency.

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  1. Sounds delightful, Paulus. Jest keep on truckin’ ! Every blog goes into its designated file. Dont know why but not receiving ur blogs by email so doing a lot of copy/paste stuff so can keep a personal record.. Thinking of you crazy people. xxx


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