Mosi-oa-tunya…..or Vic Falls


Walking out onto the 198m wide bridge that straddles the Zambezi between Zambia and Zimbabwe is called no mans land, where pedestrians, trains and vehicles cross in 3 separate lanes. Come to think of it, maybe it would be more fun if all 3 shared the same lane! Just a thought 🙂

Out on the obligatory bungee jump stand the trucks go trundling by and the whole bridge shakes under your feet. Half way out and so high with only a raging river far below is not very comforting when this things actually shakes and some dude is trying his best to sell you some authentic Zimbabwe $100 billion notes or Zambian copper bracelet. Nevertheless, breathtaking views and noises, definitely one for the memory bank.


The boiling pot certainly lived up to its name and after fending off a tribe of baboons and hiking downwards at some pace, (well gravity helps), we arrived at a base of swirling waters on the great Zambezi River…Victoria Falls raging above us.

The sheer magnificence that is Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-tunya for the locals, is one of the true wonders of the natural world. The taxi ride from Livingstone took less than 15 minutes but to get into the World Heritage Site we were hit with $20 each….ouch for a backpacker on a tight budget! Ask me if it was worth it and you already know my answer….Top dollar



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