Chobe…..sunset with the animals



A truly breathtaking 3 hour sunset cruise down the Chobe River, Kasane in Northern Botswana, where we were greeted with a wonderful live show. Actors and actresses such as Clive and Colin the Crocodiles, patiently lying in wait for their prey, Bill, Brendan, Bertha, Berenicia and Byron the Buffalo chewing on grass. Glenda and her gorgeous, gaggling, gang of Giraffe spreading their legs wide to get their heads into the water for a sip, not at all elegant and I am sure if the wind came they would all fall over. Henry and Harry the Hippo’s playing in the water, and I could not catch the names, but did recognise Emlyn the Elephant grazing…..Ina, Indira, Iniera the Impahla strolling along without a care in the world, not realising that they are someone’s breakfast in the morning…a true abundance of wildlife and celebrities. The only downside being the incessant irritant that we had been dreading, not the mosquitoes, far worse…Holly Holidaymaker and entourage….aish enough said…



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  1. So Emlyn the Elephant is there but not Barbara the buffalo!!!!!! Go ahead… be like that 😦


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