The bus for us…

If I never set foot on a bus again it will be too soon! Five days and three busses is getting to me . Despite this dramatic outburst I will have no choice and truthfully it wasn’t all that bad.

Looking for the right bus

Catching a bus from Gaborone to Francistown is child’s play. Just don’t expect to see signs that tell you where to go or when it’s leaving. That would be asking way too much. Ask somebody and they’ll help you no problem. It cost 100 pula and you pay on the bus. Sunday’s at the rank is fairly quiet and no long queues in the scorching sun. Expect the bus to be full so go as early as is convenient or just wait for the next one which is 30 minutes later. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy!It stops about five times en route to Francistown and there’s always people getting on and off. No, they don’t overfill. If it’s full, people will wait for the next one. Except the ones selling their wares; they only get off when the bus is moving. If you missed lunch, you can buy Chicken Licken or pies, from these vendors. Yep, in this heat that chicken screams salmonella, but people buy it, so it can’t be too dangerous. 


But first let me take a selfie

It’s very apparent that these busses work really hard, because they look it. Others look worse for wear and some better, but our one had definitely seen its fair share of travel. If you have even a little OCD or hypochondria, consider flying coz I reckon this is where you can contract HepA or at least imagine you have.

If you are like us, you’ll just take it in your stride. BlackDawg had a grant old time entertaining a little girl that at first seemed quite afraid of him. Just like he does everytime, he won her over long before we got to Francistown.

Black Dawg making friends

Francistown was merely a stopover to break up the journey to Kasane and again it was a matter of going to the bus rank and finding which bus is leaving for Kasane and when. Nata is the official stop between Francistown and Kasane and just for kicks we were also stopped along the way for police to check our passports. 

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  1. Sweet picture… Black dawg making friends


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