Hard asses


Majority rules! Down with Democracy! That was the call…well only two of us so decision making is swift and in this case effective, no voting! We had had enough of Gaborone and figured out which bus at the terminal we needed to catch to Francistown.

This guy at a bus stop (literally) told us there was a bus leaving in 30 minutes, so we dashed back to hotel finished the packing and checked out, walked across the busy bus terminus and just jumped on a very busy bus, wedging our backpacks tightly overhead, sometime around 12 noon.

Now the bus was one of those with no working shock absorbers and a 6.5 hour journey on hard seats is no joy, but manageable if you have a hard ass, like us two! I gave up counting how many times I was bumped out of my seat by the bumps in the road. The bus was quiet, no one really talking much and all seemed to have either a tablet or smartphone of some sort. The road was pretty good, just those shock absorbers!

Now the bus conductor was a young character who had this process whereby, he let us all on the bus then after about 10 minutes starting working his way passenger by passenger from front to back writing out receipts and taking money. After he finished this process he then started again this time handing back change to those who claimed it or he could remember he owed money to.

The old gloomy bus was one of those that liked to get up speed downhill so it can get up the next one….but these roads were just straight with little inclination to do anything exciting, like a hill…some five hundred thousand bus stops later we arrived at Francistown 18:30 at another busy bus terminus….asses in tack!

We saw a bus which departed at 22:00 for Kasane our next town but this was not the plan to just jump and do a night trip….we considered it, looked at each other and decided our weary bones had been beaten up enough for one day…so a short walk around to our Peermont Hotel…zzzzzzz

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  1. Great blogs, people! And super pics as well. Enjoy!! xxx


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