Crossing over…into more strange 

And then, at the point where four countries meet is Kazungula and a pontoon or ferry, which takes you over the river into Zambia. That is if it’s working. 😜


Are you going over Mrs Cow?

But seriously, it is fast if you are not a truck/lorry because they wait up to a week to cross from Botswana. They stand in what could be a three or four kilometer queue. The patience of Job is what you need here!
We got on the ferry, trucks first then people along the side, and five minutes later exited on the other end. 

Black Dawg on his first ferry ride

No one asked for any fare so I don’t know if it’s for free or not. But it cost us $50 for a visa for Fin on the other side. Me? I’m Africaaaan, so no visa fee. Whoop, whoop!! An hour taxi ride with two other people got us to Livingstone Backpackers lodge. That put us 35 Kwacha each out of pocket. Could’ve been double if we didn’t share the cab. 

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